Starbreeze Studio owes USD 40.8 million

Starbreeze Studio finally returns. After being involved in financial problems that were so complicated some time ago, they finally reaffirmed their commitment to get back on their feet by making their most popular franchise – Payday a cornerstone. This they proved by releasing the latest paid DLC for Payday 2 and emphasizing the development process for the next series – Payday 3 which they want to release no later than 2023. A haunting question is of course one – how much debt does Starbreeze really have?

Together with the reconstruction process that will be assisted by legal entities, Starbreeze finally revealed the amount of debt they had. Believe it or not, they actually owe around USD 40.8 million or around 576 Billion Rupiah, a figure which is certainly not small. Nevertheless, the franchise assets they currently have – Payday is estimated to be worth around USD 164 million if they end up wanting to sell their trade rights in the future. Starbreeze also promised to repay their entire debt, excluding their biggest money to Smilegate and Nordea, in the next five years at 5% interest.

Starbreeze itself is currently still looking for publishers for the Payday 3 project later which will also function as a development fund for it. They are also busy formulating a mobile game – Payday: Crime War which had passed the beta last year but has not been released to the market.

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