Sonic Redesign only Harms Paramount Around USD 35 million

By listening to what the fans wanted, Paramount appeared like a “hero” in the controversy surrounding the film design adaptation of Sonic the Hedgehog some time ago. The inaugural trailer that tried to pursue a more realistic form of the blue hedgehog ended up being a scene full of horror and new sources of meme jokes. The good news? All negative impressions continue to change after the latest trailer shows the new Sonic design that is more familiar. Many people are of course curious how much Paramount should be poured for this action. One rumor even had time to mention the figure of USD 35 million or around 492 billion Rupiah.

However, insider information obtained by the Indiewire website ensures that the funds disbursed for Sonic’s redesign are not as high as the rumors circulating. Costs that need to be spent only around USD 5 million or 70 billion Rupiah. Paramount was saved thanks to the fact that at the time when the first nightmare trailer was released, the entire VGX process had not yet been completed. In fact, the only completed VFX section is what we found in the trailer. Therefore, Paramout does not need to have to pour massive amounts of money just to “fix it”.

The film Sonic the Hedghehog itself is planned to be aired on February 14, 2020.