Rockstar Games Start Working the Next Game

Studio spread across many countries, talents with football that can not be underestimated, and the contribution of super fantastic income for the parent company – Take Two Interactive, Rockstar Games is one of the game industry developers who managed to achieve great success. Games like GTA V that continue to sell regardless of age and the confirmation of the PC version of RDR 2 which finally rolled out a few weeks ago turned out to be just a little of the “busy” Rockstar Games today. They are currently developing the next game which is still mysterious.

The confirmation actually came from dev. named Ruffian Games from Scotland, which has been developing several games such as the Crackdown 3 multiplayer mode and the Halo Reach re-release project for The Master Chief Collection. Like their past actions at Manhunt and GTA in the past, Ruffian Games is likely to help Rockstar Games work on their next game. This they confirmed via Twitter, which was also followed by new job vacancies to help them complete the work.

Unfortunately, Ruffian Games itself doesn’t say much about the “next Rockstar game” like what they are working on, whether it is a new game, a series from a popular franchise, or a re-release of old games for the latest platforms.

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