Microsoft Flight Simulator Showcases Details 9 Cities

The more it looks, the more riveting, the more tempting, although we believe that most of us may end up not enjoying the simulated gameplay that it offers. It’s hard to argue that Microsoft is doing a fantastic job with the latest Microsoft Flight Simulator project that they are planning for 2020. Most of the information shared actually emphasizes the seriousness of the development team to offer a realistic flying sensation, both in terms of visual or physics that is influenced by so many elements. One for sure? The details that he was about to stretch on were indeed amazing.

In collaboration with IGN, you can see detailed attention like what is being offered by this Microsoft Flight Simulator. With so many big cities that you can visit, you can see the density of city buildings that should be, complete with details of several landmarks that will immediately help identify the city by just looking at it. You can see the details that they stretch for Venice, Barcelona, ​​Copenhagen, Southampton, to Venice which is divided by a river. You who have a strong internet connection can even enjoy this video at 4K60fps resolution.

Microsoft Flight Simulator itself is planned to be released in 2020, still without a definite release date, for Xbox One and PC.