Fortnite Open Chapter 2

If there is an update scheme that is exemplary from Fortnite is how they make every season that comes up with a dramatization that deserves to be anticipated. That the addition of content and updates does not just glide through the ranks of patch information or news at a glance, but is transformed into an event that can be enjoyed and witnessed by the community, even actively involved in it. One of them just happened some time ago, with the whole world of Fortnite: Battle Royale absorbed into a black hole. A signal that a new round will begin.

Following information that was leaked before, Epic Games finally officially announced Fortnite Chapter 2. This new round is certainly ready to offer a similar but more refreshing experience. It comes with a new map that is seen involved in the inaugural trailer, complete with a variety of cosmetic items such as skins that can be pursued by gamers. The presence of new weapons was confirmed along with a ship that can now be used in the middle of the river which divides the existing new map. Epic promises this new round will be more enjoyable with grinding elements that will be minimized.

Of course along with this Chapter 2 announcement, the Battle Pass for its inaugural season was also introduced.

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