Dev The Outer Worlds Announces a Survival – Grounded Game

Obsidian Entertainment, which gamers have never heard the name of this developer. Some gamers might know about their exploits through some old RPG games like Fallout: New Vegas, while not a few of them are new to the quality associated with its name via the latest project – The Outer Worlds. Being part of Microsoft’s efforts to mix more exclusive games in the future, Obsidian is now standing under the banner of a giant company that also “coincidentally” owns the big brand – Xbox. Now they finally announced their first project under Microsoft titled Grounded.

Unlike The Outer Worlds which is an RPG game, Grounded itself is positioned as a survival game. The theme itself is unique. You play the role of children who are smaller than ants and have to survive in the backyard of a house, which, as predicted, contains so many insects and animals that are scary and threatening if you are smaller than them. The process of gathering resources, building a variety of buildings for many lives, and working hand in hand with other players will be part of the experience offered by Grounded.

Obsidian itself asserts that Grounded itself was built by a small team inside Obsidian and is one of the dream projects of many of their talented developers. Obsidian understands that there may be many gamers who don’t like that he is not an RPG game. But they reasoned that from time to time, they wanted to do something creative and different, like they did with Grounded.

Grounded itself is planned to be released in 2020, still without a definite release date, for Xbox One and of course PC (Microsoft Store and Steam).