Dev Black Desert Announces 3 New Games

Outside the grinding process that is often complained of, most gamers who love the MMORPG genre seem to have been interested or even still interested in continuing to try out the Black Desert until now. The sensation of action is thicker with the quality of qualified visualization that has become a mainstay. Pearl Abyss – the developer will certainly not exploit this title on an ongoing basis. Together with the ongoing 2019 G-Star event, Pearl Abyss announced live – 3 new games that they are currently developing.

PLAN 8. Pearl Abyss defines it as an MMO Shooter game that will be developed together with Minh Lee “Gooseman”, one of the leading Counter Strike players. They also define it as an “exosuit” shooter where players are likely to be equipped with abilities above the average human thanks to the framework technology they are wearing. There is no information about the platform and release date.

DokeV. An open-world MMO game aimed at the mobile market. Unlike PLAN 8 which looks so serious, DokeV comes with cute colorful visualization quality. Pearl Abyss said it would come with a unique world and interesting stories, and of course the mechanics of gathering and raising creatures resembling animals like the first trailer that he released. This game is read “Doh-Keh-Vee” or in the Korean language, Dokebi.

Crimson Desert. This game is likely to be positioned as a prequel from Black Desert with a clearer lore. Aimed at PCs and consoles, Pearl Abyss calls it a fantasy-themed open-world MMORPG game. Which is interesting? Crimson Desert will also come with a campaign mode with multiplayer elements in it, although it hasn’t been disclosed in more detail.

Along with the announcement of the three games, Pearl Abyss also ensured their presence at the largest US game exhibition – E3 for 2020.

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