Death Stranding Has an Easter Egg Birthday

How many of you were surprised when you enjoyed Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain on your birthday some time ago? Nobody thought that the need to include a birthday at the beginning of the game turned out to lead to a birthday celebration event by in-game characters with a super cool cut-scene at the time. In fact, Hideo Kojima included at least two different scenes for the adventure of Venom Snake at the time. As can be predicted, the same thing happened for the latest project – Death Stranding.

With a similar concept where you have to include your birthday at the beginning of the game, Kojima apparently also prepares a special event if you play Death Stranding on your birthday. For Sam, a high-definition birthday cake and e-mail from all Bridges members will immediately welcome you if you have the chance to take a break in the Private Room. If you have time to go out to deliver cargo and connect with BB, you can also see the character of Mads Mikkelsen – BB who also carries a bunch of flowers to celebrate the same day.

Birthday cake was not built with 3D rendering. Through his latest tweet, Hideo Kojima showed his compounding process which turned out to be a photo capture process with the same camera set that he used to build character models so far. Death Stranding is now available for Playstation 4 and will go to PC in the summer of 2020. Don’t forget to turn on this game on your birthday later!

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