Dead Island 2 Will Be A Super Cool Zombie Game

Worrying but on the other hand, mysterious, this impression seems to be obtained by most gamers who faithfully are still waiting for the presence of Dead Island 2. Mysterious? Because there is never a clear and explicit reason why the zombie game, which was first introduced in 2014, has never been released, is stuck in a complicated development process, and has changed developers at least three times. Worrying because until this news point was written, at the end of 2019, there were no signs that he would end up showing his nose. Although at least at the moment, he has been dealt with by Dambuster Studios who seems ambitious to complete it.

So, what really happened? This question was asked by GI.Biz to the CEO of Koch Media (Publisher) – Clement Kundratitz who for the umpteenth time confirmed that the process of developing Dead Island 2 is still ongoing. He mentioned that the name Dead Island was an important franchise and they were ambitious to ensure it was in the quality it was supposed to. All of these developer turnover processes, he said, were testimonials about their ambitions to ensure Dead Island 2 ended right. Kundratitz believes that Dead Island 2 will end up being a super cool zombie game at the end, and they are trying their best to make sure that happens.

Unfortunately, Kundratitz himself has not dared to speak about exactly when Dead Island 2 will be released. Because as we know, so far there hasn’t been a teaser, trailer, or the latest gameplay video released for him.