Babylon’s Fall Will Share New Information Before the End of 2019

There is nothing sadder for a gamer than to build the hype for a game that “magically” suddenly disappears from circulation, especially after a charming first trailer. Some games have become evidence of cases where he ended up not showing his nose or even being canceled. There is great concern over the latest projects of Platinum Games and Square Enix – Babylon’s Fall whose first teaser locked attention. Because besides this initial teaser, unfortunately, there is no more information to follow.

Even though there is an impression that Babylon’s Fall will be released in 2019. But the fact that there is no information at all shared for him, even screenshots and advanced trailers, to the gameplay details as what is worth anticipating near the end of 2019, such as turning off that hope. But at least Square Enix promised that before the end of this year, we would at least get new information. This was revealed by the producer – Yosuke Saito.

Unfortunately, he himself did not share further details about exactly when the new information will be shared. Many have speculated that Babylon’s Fall will reappear at the annual giant gaming event – The Game Awards 2019 next month. Will it be as cool as the Platinum Games games so far? We wait for it.