Age of Empires IV Released Gameplay Prime

Being one of the most memorable and popular strategy game franchises of its time, it was certainly encouraging to see how Microsoft finally paid extra attention to the name Age of Empires. Not just re-releasing the Definitive Edition version that comes with qualified visualization quality, but it raises a special studio that is assigned to handle and perfect this classic strategy game, including preparing a new series for him. After being tempted in 2017 with a teaser that didn’t give much detail, Microsoft finally showed the first gameplay for Age of Empires IV.

Microsoft finally shows the premiere gameplay for Age of Empires IV, which, although it doesn’t show what it looks like in real time, is enough to give you an idea of ​​the visual quality and details they are after. Interestingly? Unlike the Age of Empires in the past that comes with a more open castle build system, this inaugural gameplay shows a castle and city system that seems more closed, with high walls surrounding it.

Massive numbers of units are also seen fighting each other, with stunning details. Relic Entertainment and Microsoft have still not set a specific release date for Age of Empires IV.

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