Riot Games Dev. League of Legends Announces 4 New Projects

Over the past 10 years, Riot Games must be recognized as being successful in protecting the League of Legends ecosystem, making it the MOBA game with the largest population in the world today. With a variety of innovations that he injected, he managed to lock in success in various regions of the world, especially in China. Now holding the 10th anniversary which of course is a separate achievement, Riot Games look all-out. Not just one, they announced at least four different projects, one of which was not even related to League of Legends at all. Some end up agreeing to rumors that had circulated before.

The first project is a Hearthstone-style card game which they refer to as “Legends of Runeterra” which will be released in 2020 for the PC and mobile markets. The second project is “Project L”, a fighting game based on characters from the League of Legends universe, which is claimed to be in the early stages of the development process. While the third project is “Arcane” – an animated series that will take the world of League of Legends as a base, with visualization that looks to spoil the eye. The fourth and most unique? A tactic FPS game based on character abilities and has no connection at all with League of Legends which they call “Project A”.

With these four projects, Riot Games will pass a super busy period. They themselves claim that each of the games or animated series that they are working on is supported by experienced talents in it.

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